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Death in Paradise Season 10 Episode 1 : Today with Tourme'



Episode one takes us to a local TV show, when one of the reporters, 25 year-old Melanie Sharpe is found dead in her pool. All eyes turn to the head anchor of Today With Tourné, Garfield Tourné, and his daughter and fellow reporter Heléne Tourné. Had there been some tension between them before Melanie's death?

Neville Parker and his team get straight to work, but as always there are some bumps in the road. JP has a lot on his plate as he and Rosie are about to become parents and, as if that wasn't enough, he also finds himself acting as Selwyn Patterson's boss, after Selwyn volunteers his services as a temporary officer. Neville is convinced that the police station has given him Sick Building Syndrome, which doesn't make his working life any easier.

The twists and turns of this case ...


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